Robert K. Colwell Personal Homepage (including publications)

Project ALAS: Arthropods of La Selva

Project ALAS is a large-scale inventory of arthropod diversity in a lowland tropical rainforest, involving more than 100 systematist and ecologist collaborators. The ALAS website offers dynamic access to the ALAS database, running under Biota.

EstimateS: Statistical estimation of species richness and shared species form samples

EstimateS is a free software application for Windows and Macintosh operating systems that computes a variety of biodiversity functions, estimators, and indices based on biotic sampling data. Some features require species relative abundance data, others only species presence/absence data. A comprehensive User's Guide is available online at this site.

Biota: The Biodiversity Database Manager

Biota manages specimen-based, biodiversity and collections data for ecologists, biodiversity inventories, and collections managers in 40 countries and 47 U.S. states. Windows and Macintosh operating systems are supported. Biota is published by Sinauer Associates. The Biota website offers a fully functional demo version that you can download and evalutate.

RangeModel: The Mid-Domain Effect

RangeModel is an animated, graphical, freeware application designed to demonstrate the mechanism behind the mid-domain effect (MDE), with tools for exploring the effects of both theoretical and empirical range size frequency distributions (RSFDs) for one-dimensional domains and statistical tools to evaluate the contribution of MDE to empirical patterns.