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ALAS Pitfall Collections, 2005 Expeditions

Transects of 25 baited pitfall traps were established, with about 5m between traps. Transects were placed along trails near the refuge building. Plastic drinking cups were embedded in the ground, flush with the ground surface, and the bait was perched above the cup. Cups were 7cm wide at the top and 9.5cm deep. Human dung was used as bait. Traps were maintained and harvested daily over a period of 3 days. Samples were stored in whirlpac bags of 95% ethanol. A total of six transects were sampled. The sample codes are listed below.

The data fields, in order, are:

Collection code: a unique code for a collection. The "15" indicates that it is from the 1500m site, the "TF" indicates it is a pitfall sample, the following two numbers are the transect number. All material from individual traps and days within transects was pooled.

Collection date: day the transect samples were first harvested.

Second collection date: Day the third and final transect samples harvested.

Collector: person placing transect and harvesting pitfalls.

Location: location of transect.

15/TF/01	16-Feb-2005	18-Feb-2005	D. Brenes	Transecto en el sendero toma del agua.
15/TF/02	16-Feb-2005	18-Feb-2005	M. Paniagua	Transecto entre M/02/ y M/04.
15/TF/03	12-Mar-2005	14-Mar-2005	M. Paniagua	Transecto sobre el Mini Winkler  WF/02.
15/TF/04	12-Mar-2005	14-Mar-2005	R. Vargas	Transecto hecho para abajo del porton.
15/TF/05	7-Apr-2005	9-Apr-2005	D. Brenes	Transecto entre M/05/ y M/06.
15/TF/06	7-Apr-2005	9-Apr-2005	R. Vargas	Transecto entre M/11 a M/15 y M/16.