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ALAS Sweepnet Collections, 2001 Expeditions

Sweepnet samples were collected by sweeping low vegetation, mainly in clearings, treefall gaps, and trail edges, during clear weather. Net contents were periodically transferred to a large plastic bag. Each sample is one hour of sweeping activity by one person. The hour included both sweeping time and time transfering material to the bag. After the hour of sweeping, the sample was returned to the lab and fumigated with ethyl acetate for one hour. Survey taxa were then picked from the sample and stored in 95% ethanol, with the exception of large Tettigoniidae, which were gutted and wrapped in paper towel to dry. Remaining debris was discarded. Samples are listed below.

The data fields, in order, are:

Collection code
: a unique code for a collection. The "11" indicates that it is from the 1070m site, the "RG" indicates it is a sweepnet sample, the following three letters are the initials of the collector, and the final three-digit number is a serial number beginning with 001 for the first sample, with a separate series for each collector.

Collection date
: in format day-month-year.

Collector: person taking the sample.

11/RG/DBM/001	19-Feb-2001	D. Brenes
11/RG/DBM/002	19-Feb-2001	D. Brenes
11/RG/DBM/003	11-Mar-2001	D. Brenes
11/RG/DBM/004	11-Mar-2001	D. Brenes
11/RG/DBM/005	12-Mar-2001	D. Brenes
11/RG/DBM/006	16-Mar-2001	D. Brenes
11/RG/DBM/007	18-Mar-2001	D. Brenes
11/RG/DBM/008	20-Mar-2001	D. Brenes
11/RG/DBM/009	20-Mar-2001	D. Brenes
11/RG/DBM/010	20-Mar-2001	D. Brenes
11/RG/DBM/011	11-Apr-2001	D. Brenes
11/RG/MPG/001	19-Feb-2001	M. Paniagua
11/RG/MPG/002	19-Feb-2001	M. Paniagua
11/RG/MPG/003	11-Mar-2001	M. Paniagua
11/RG/MPG/004	11-Mar-2001	M. Paniagua
11/RG/MPG/005	12-Mar-2001	M. Paniagua
11/RG/MPG/006	16-Mar-2001	M. Paniagua
11/RG/MPG/007	18-Mar-2001	M. Paniagua
11/RG/MPG/008	20-Mar-2001	M. Paniagua
11/RG/MPG/009	20-Mar-2001	M. Paniagua
11/RG/MPG/010	20-Mar-2001	M. Paniagua
11/RG/MPG/011	11-Apr-2001	M. Paniagua
11/RG/RVC/001	19-Feb-2001	R. Vargas C.
11/RG/RVC/002	19-Feb-2001	R. Vargas C.
11/RG/RVC/003	19-Feb-2001	R. Vargas C.
11/RG/RVC/004	19-Feb-2001	R. Vargas C.
11/RG/RVC/005	12-Mar-2001	R. Vargas C.
11/RG/RVC/006	12-Mar-2001	R. Vargas C.
11/RG/RVC/007	16-Mar-2001	R. Vargas C.
11/RG/RVC/008	20-Mar-2001	R. Vargas C.
11/RG/RVC/009	20-Mar-2001	R. Vargas C.
11/RG/RVC/010	20-Mar-2001	R. Vargas C.
11/RG/RVC/011	20-Mar-2001	R. Vargas C.
11/RG/RVC/012	21-Mar-2001	R. Vargas C.