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ALAS Winkler Collections, 2005 Expeditions

We attempted to follow as closely as possible the "miniWinkler" method of Fisher (Fisher, B. L. 1999. Improving inventory efficiency: a case study of leaf litter ant diversity in Madagascar. Ecological Applications 9:714-731). A 250m long straight-line transect was flagged at 5m intervals. The transect was subjectively oriented. After a period of 24hrs with no rain, a sample was taken at each flagged spot on the transect. A one square meter area was delimited, and the litter and dead wood inside was aggressively minced with a machete. Litter was sifted until all the litter in the plot was sifted or 2l of siftate was obtained, whichever came first. When there was more than enough litter to produce 2l of siftate, the different kinds of litter in the plot (e.g. leaves on soil versus litter from a rotten log) were subsampled so that all were represented (a somewhat subjective process that attempted to include the diversity of litter types found in one plot). The plots were delimited by eye, and in practice the actual area sifted varied from 60x60cm to 1x1m. The siftate was returned to the base camp and hung in Winkler bags for three days. Arthropods were collected directly into whirlpac bags of 95% ethanol.

Four transects were completed near the refuge building, yielding 200 individual samples. The transects are labeled W-1 to W-4 on the map below. Following the map are the collection codes and data for individual samples. Transect 1 was completed on two different days due to inclement weather.

The data fields, in order, are:

Collection code: a unique code for a collection. The "15" indicates that it is from the 1500m site, the "WF" indicates it is a miniWinkler sample, the following two numbers are the transect number, and the final two-digit number is the serial position along
the transect, from 01 to 50.

Collection date: day the sample was collected from the field, in format day-month-year.

15/WF/01/01	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/02	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/03	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/04	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/05	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/06	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/07	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/08	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/09	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/10	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/11	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/12	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/13	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/14	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/15	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/16	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/17	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/18	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/19	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/20	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/21	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/22	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/23	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/24	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/25	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/26	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/27	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/28	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/29	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/30	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/01/31	19-Mar-2005
15/WF/01/32	19-Mar-2005
15/WF/01/33	19-Mar-2005
15/WF/01/34	19-Mar-2005
15/WF/01/35	19-Mar-2005
15/WF/01/36	19-Mar-2005
15/WF/01/37	19-Mar-2005
15/WF/01/38	19-Mar-2005
15/WF/01/39	19-Mar-2005
15/WF/01/40	19-Mar-2005
15/WF/01/41	19-Mar-2005
15/WF/01/42	19-Mar-2005
15/WF/01/43	19-Mar-2005
15/WF/01/44	19-Mar-2005
15/WF/01/45	19-Mar-2005
15/WF/01/46	19-Mar-2005
15/WF/01/47	19-Mar-2005
15/WF/01/48	19-Mar-2005
15/WF/01/49	19-Mar-2005
15/WF/01/50	19-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/01	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/02	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/03	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/04	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/05	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/06	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/07	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/08	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/09	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/10	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/11	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/12	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/13	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/14	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/15	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/16	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/17	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/18	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/19	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/20	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/21	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/22	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/23	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/24	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/25	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/26	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/27	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/28	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/29	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/30	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/31	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/32	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/33	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/34	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/35	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/36	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/37	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/38	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/39	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/40	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/41	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/42	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/43	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/44	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/45	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/46	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/47	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/48	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/49	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/02/50	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/01	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/02	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/03	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/04	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/05	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/06	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/07	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/08	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/09	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/10	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/11	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/12	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/13	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/14	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/15	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/16	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/17	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/18	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/19	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/20	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/21	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/22	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/23	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/24	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/25	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/26	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/27	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/28	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/29	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/30	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/31	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/32	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/33	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/34	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/35	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/36	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/37	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/38	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/39	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/40	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/41	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/42	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/43	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/44	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/45	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/46	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/47	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/48	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/49	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/03/50	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/04/01	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/02	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/03	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/04	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/05	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/06	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/07	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/08	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/09	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/10	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/11	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/12	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/13	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/14	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/15	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/16	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/17	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/18	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/19	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/20	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/21	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/22	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/23	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/24	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/25	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/26	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/27	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/28	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/29	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/30	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/31	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/32	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/33	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/34	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/35	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/36	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/37	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/38	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/39	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/40	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/41	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/42	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/43	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/44	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/45	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/46	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/47	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/48	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/49	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/04/50	12-Apr-2005

Pooled samples:
15/WF/01	12-Feb-2005
15/WF/02	9-Mar-2005
15/WF/03	13-Mar-2005
15/WF/04	12-Apr-2005
15/WF/ALL	8-Feb-2005	18-Apr-2005